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67 Minutes

No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better.

Our Team might be on the small side, but this year we want to go bigger.

By 18 July 2019 we aim to raise at least 67 of these:

  1. Bedding
    All blankets, duvets, etc. brought into our office will be donated to Child Welfare SA.

  2. Books
    All books & magazines collected by Verstay will be donated to FAMSA.

  3. Community Clean-Up
    Our Staff Members will donate their lunch breaks and spend time picking up garbage in and around our Office Park.

  4. Clothes & Toys
    All items of clothing and toys brought into our office will be donated to East Rand Children’s Haven.

  5. Sanitary Pads
    Verstay Team Members who visit Dischem will continue to support the #MillionComforts initiative.

  6. Single Socks
    Any single socks received will be donated to the Odd Socks Project via their drop-off at Blouborsie.”We want the odd socks, the singles. The lonely socks that got separated from their former sock partners through some laundry divorce. We’ll pair them up and redistribute them to the homeless.”

If you’d like to help us make the most of these goals, please feel free to pop in any time this week during office hours.

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