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FT DX 5000MP

FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200W Transceiver

The FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200 Watt Transceivers is a Premium Class of Yaesu radios with 2 Independent Receivers plus many unique options and accessories designed to meet the Performance Requirements of even the most demanding serious Amateur Radio operator.

The FT DX 5000 and FT  DX 5000D models are no longer in production however they are still supported by Yaesu.



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Product Description

FT DX 5000MP Brief Description

SM-5000 Station Monitor – Included; 300 Hz Roofing Filter – Included; ±0.05ppm OCXO – Included.

FT DX 5000D Brief Description – NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION

SM-5000 Station Monitor – Included; 300 Hz Roofing Filter – Optional; ±0.5ppm TXCO – Included.

FT DX 5000 Brief Description – NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION

SM-5000 Station Monitor – Optional; 300 Hz Roofing Filter – Optional; ±0.5ppm TXCO – Included.

Rugged 200 Watt Output Power

The FTDX 5000MP robust and high-power Final Amplifier Stage incorporates two super reliable FET, VRF-150 (Drain-Source Voltage 170 V/Gate Source Voltage ±40 V, Total Device Dissipation 300 W) in a push-pull configuration, offers solid 200 W output (75 W Class A operation).

Internal Power Supply

The FT DX 5000MP has its own built-in power supply

TWO Totally Independent Receivers

All FT DX 5000 Transceivers include Two (2) Totally Independent Receivers to give you Performance and Flexibility previously only provided by much more expensive radios.

SUPERB 3rd-Order Dynamic Range & 3rd-Order Intercept Point (IP3)

SSB (2.4kHz BW)
10 kHz SEP.:106 dB, IP3 +40 dBm

CW (500Hz BW)
10 kHz SEP:112 dB, IP3 +40 dBm
2 kHz SEP. :105 dB, IP3 +36 dBm
1 kHz SEP. : 99 dB, IP3 +25 dBm

*VFO-A/Main Receiver @ 14 MHz, IPO1

Super Sharp “Roofing” Filters

Super sharp “Roofing” filters for VFO-A/Main Receiver.
Filters are Selectable between *300 Hz, 600 Hz, 3 kHz (6-pole crystal filter), 6 kHz, 15 kHz (4-pole MCF)

*300 Hz filter was optional for FTDX 5000 and FTDX 5000D. It is included in the FTDX 5000MP

High Performance Yaesu Custom-designed 32-bit Floating Point DSP

The legendary high performance Yaesu Custom-designed 32-bit Floating Point DSP based on the TI TMS320C6727B (@300 MHz), one EACH for VFO-A and VFO-B.

Variable CW Audio Peak Filter & High/Low-Cut Filtering

Variable CW Audio Peak Filter, and High/Low-Cut filtering created through the very latest in DSP technology.

– CW Width: 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500 Hz

– CW Pitch Frequency: 300~1050 Hz (10 Hz Steps)

True Analog Meter Precision

Enjoy the same Huge Size Metering System as the FT DX 9000 series with True Analog Precision and Instant Reaction Time.

New Function Displays for Ease of Operation

Three Electro Luminescence clear Displays included for easier operation and control of the Sub-Frequency, Graphical Wave and Menu function.

IF Output Available

IF Output (9 MHz) from VFO-A/Main Receiver

Practical Level Indication System for Most Important Settings

The FTDX 5000MP provides loads of practical Level Indication that clearly show settings of Mic-Gain / RF Power / CW-Pitch / Keyer Speed / Processor Level / VOX Delay Time / Break-In Delay Time.

-They can be controlled ON/OFF independently!

Introducing the SM-5000 Station Monitor Bandscope

If you need a good Bandscope to enhance your operations, you are going to love our all-new SM-5000 matching station monitor. Included with the Bandscope is a complete, enhanced stereo speaker system with superb audio quality – the speakers are point at you instead of up into the air above the radio!

Other Valuable Options

– Yaesu Data Management Unit DMU-2000, and utilize its powerful Audio Scope, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Scope, logging, and Rotator Control capabilities using your own personally selected and purchased computer display monitor.
– Yaesu External Fully-Automatic Micro-Tuning Units. Three modes available: A (160 m Band), B (80 & 40 m Bands), C (30 & 20 m Bands)


Amateur Radio Brochures HF/Satellite Transceivers and Amps

HF Radios – Compare  ( 5.39 MB )

      FT Dx 5000 Sales Brochures  ( 9.51 MB )
      FTDX5000 Poster  ( 286.19 KB )
      FTDX 5000 Large Detail  ( 3.15 MB )
      FTDX5000D Product Review (December 2010 QST @ ARRL)  ( 0.99 MB )
Amateur Radio Manuals HF/Satellite Transceivers and Amps

DMU-2000 Operating Manual (3/18/10)  ( 2.23 MB )

      FTDX5000 Series CAT Operation Reference Book  ( 236.26 KB )
      FTDX5000 Series CAT Operation Reference Book  ( 236.26 KB )
      FTDX5000 Series Operating Manual  ( 7.75 MB )
      FTDX5000 French Operating Manual  ( 10.55 MB )
      SCU-17 USB Interface Unit Instruction Manual  ( 2.97 MB )
      SM-5000 Station Monitor Operating Manual  ( 1.21 MB )
Amateur Radio Software

DMU-2000 Update V0.08/V4.22 or V0.09/V5.12 Information (10/16/13)  ( 139.12 KB )

      DMU-2000 Update System Software V0.08 (8/17/09)  ( 23.96 MB )
      DMU-2000 Update System Software V0.09 (8/17/09)  ( 23.96 MB )
      DMU-2000 Update Software V4.22 or V5.12 (10/16/13)  ( 3.52 MB )
      FTDX5000 Update Firmware Information 6-20-16  ( 515.25 KB )
      FTDX5000 All current Firmware including the New Update EDSP (V0554) 6-20-16  ( 1.96 MB )
      PCC-5000 Software V1.03 and Reference Manual (10/11/13)  ( 3.02 MB )
      FTDX5000/ SCU-17 USB Driver Installation Manual  ( 415.02 KB )


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